BiS – I can’t say NO!!!!!!!


BiS - I can't say NO!!!!!!!BiS (Brand-new Idol Society) released their new single I can’t say NO!!!!!!! on October 4.

It is the 13th single of the unconventional idol group and the second single of the BiS new line-up.

Check out the MV.

Kamiya Saki (member of Gang Parade) exchanged her position with Aya Eight Prince (BiS member) in early May ; this is temporary but their transfer to these groups, scheduled until September 30, has been extended for an indefinite period. Kamiya Saki participated in this new single and the previous one SOCiALiSM (released on May 31).

The leader Pour Lui is on hiatus since last September after losing to a challenge. However, she participated in the recording of this single.

The CD includes only the title song as well as the song Fly re-recorded by the group’s new line-up.

In addition, a new audition will be held to recruit new girls to BiS in the near future.


  1. I can’t say NO!!!!!!!
  2. Fly (Brand-new BiS ver)

Music Video (PV)

BiS - I can't say NO!!!!!!!

BiS (Brand-new Idol Society)

BiS (Brand-new Idol Society)