Stage play / Musical

Hello Pro Kenshuusei – Karen na Gasshoudan

Hello Pro Kenshuusei - Karen na GasshoudanHello Pro Kenshuusei‘s new single Karen na Gasshoudan (可憐な合唱団) was released on August 27.

The CD includes songs performed in a theatrical play by Hello! Pro Kenshuusei at Ikebukuro Theater Green Box in Box Theater, Tokyo, from March 14 to 23, 2014.


Nogizaka46 – 16-nin no Principal Trois

Nogizaka46 2nd Year Birthday LiveNogizaka46’s 3rd stage play 16-nin no Principal Trois (16人のプリンシパル trois) will be performed from May 30 to June 15 at Akasaka ACT Theater in Tokyo.

The announcement was made at Nogizaka46 2nd Year Birthday Live held at Yokohama Arena.


Berryz Kobo & S/mileage – Warera Jeanne ~Shoujo Seisen Kageki~

Berryz Kobo & S/mileage - Warera Jeanne ~Shoujo Seisen Kageki~The musical Warera Jeanne ~Shoujo Seisen Kageki~ (我らジャンヌ~少女聖戦歌劇~) starring Berryz Kobo and S/mileage will be released on DVD on February 5.

Warera Jeanne ~Shoujo Seisen Kageki~ is the 13th episode of the Gekidan Gekiharo (劇団ゲキハロ) project.

There are 3 versions of the performances entitled “Truth”, “Reverse”, and “Marble”. They are using different casts featuring the members of Berryz Kobo and S/mileage.


Yasaka Saori (Super Girls) in the musical Sabita

Yasaka Saori (Super☆Girls)Yasaka Saori (Super☆Girls) will be starring in the musical Sabita ~Ame ga Hakonda Ai~ (サ・ビ・タ~雨が運んだ愛~).

Yasaka Saori will play the role of the heroine Yu Miri.

The play will run from March 20 to April 6, 2014 at Aoyama Round Theatre in Tokyo.


Morning Musume – Gogakuyuu

Morning Musume - GogakuyuuThe stage play Gogakuyuu (ごがくゆう) starring Morning Musume members Mizuki Fukumura, Sayashi Riho, Iikubo Haruna, Ishida Ayumi and Kudo Haruka will be released on DVD on November 27.

In this story, the members of Morning Musume play the role of princesses.

The play ran on June 17-22 in Tokyo and on June 23-24 in Osaka.


°C-ute – Sakura no Hanataba

°C-ute - Sakura no HanatabaThe stage play Sakura no Hanataba (さくらの花束) starring °C-ute and Hello Pro Kenshuusei will be released on DVD on August 28.

The play ran from March 14 to 24 at Ikebukuro Theater Green in Tokyo.

The DVD includes 3 discs featuring 3 different stories.

Sakura no Hanataba is part of Gekidan Gekiharo project.


Takahashi Ai in Merrily We Roll Along

Takahashi AiTakahashi Ai (ex Morning Musume) will play in the musical Merrily We Roll Along (メリリー・ウィ・ロール・アロング).

The musical will run from November 1 to 17 at The Galaxy Theatre, Tokyo.

Merrily We Roll Along is based on the play of the same name by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart.


Berryz Kobo – Shin Kaettekita Berryz Kamen! Vol.4 & 5

Berryz KoboBerryz Kobo will release Shin Kaettekita Berryz Kamen! (新 帰って来た ベリーズ仮面!) Vol.4 & 5 on DVD on May 22.

The DVDs features the play, a mini concert, and more footage of Berryz Kamen.

The performances were recorded on June 2, 2012.

The first 3 volumes of the series are on sale since December and January.