Hirata Iria (Hachikin Girls) to study at Oxford University


Hirata Iria (Hachikin Girls)Hirata Iria left Hachikin Girls in order to study abroad at Oxford University in England.

Hirata Iria is the leader of Hachikin Girls, a local idol group from Kochi Prefecture.

Her last live performance was held on September 27th.

Hirata Iria is going to enter Oxford University in October.

She said that it was a dream for her. She also announced that she will be back in 6 months.

Hirata Iria (Hachikin Girls)



  1. Améthy$te

    Bonne chance !

    1. Tetho (Post author)

      Je lui souhaite également bonne chance.
      Cela devrait être une belle expérience pour elle.

  2. TikiBun

    This sucks. She has one of the most beautiful asses in all of the independent idol groups (and some really beautiful legs too.)

    1. Améthy$te

      So what ? =(

  3. Mattthecat

    Damn. They are one of my favorite indie groups. I hope they’ll continue…
    But a semester at Oxford is a chance she can’t miss 🙂

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