Idol Renaissance – Funny Bunny


Idol Renaissance - Funny BunnyIdol Renaissance‘s new single Funny Bunny will be on sale on December 22.

It is a cover of the song of the same title by The Pillows.

The MV has been unveiled.

In the video, the members of the idol group powerfully sing on top of a hill. The scene expresses their positive attitude and their strong feelings for the future and the realization of their dreams.

This single is the 3rd consecutive release by Idol Renaissance in 3 months after Time Travel / Lucky (タイム・トラベル / Lucky) on October 27, and Yuki ga Furu Machi / Galileo no Showcase (雪が降る町 / ガリレオのショーケース) on November 24.

The coupling songs are covers of Music Lovers by Jerry Lee Phanthom, and Silhouette by Kana-Boon.

In addition, Idol Renaissance are going to participate in a series of events in Tokyo from December 6 to 27.


  1. Funny Bunny
  2. Music Lovers
  3. Silhouette (シルエット)
  4. Funny Bunny (Instrumental)
  5. Music Lovers (Instrumental)
  6. Silhouette (Instrumental)
  • Edition : CD

Music Video (PV)

Idol Renaissance - Funny Bunny


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    Un membre a quitté le groupe . Elles sont six désormais.

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