Itano Tomomi – Get Ready♡


Itano Tomomi - Get ReadyThe 2nd album of Itano Tomomi Get Ready♡ released on November 2.

Check out the music video for OMG below.

This song was released in digital format on October 26.

The CD will contain a total of 10 songs. It will include the last singles from Tomochi such as: Come Party, Gimme Gimme Luv and Hide & Seek.

The album will be sold in a regular edition and 2 limited ones rated A and B. The limited edition will contain the CD and DVD surcharge ; whereas the limited edition B will have the CD with a photobook.

The DVD will contain the music and its making-of.


  • CD
    1. COME PARTY!
    2. OMG
    3. You Should Try HARDer
    4. Belly Dancer
    5. Triple “0”
    6. Gimme Gimme Luv
    7. HIDE & SEEK
    8. Watashi no ONLY ONE
    9. I AM
    10. One Last Kiss
  • DVD
    1. OMG (Music Video)
    2. OMG (Making Clip)

Music Video (PV)

Itano Tomomi - Get Ready

Itano Tomomi (板野友美)