A lot of changes within Hello! Project


Hello! ProjectSeveral announcements about Hello! Project were made during the months of June and July.

Its main idol groups Morning Musume ’17Juice=JuiceANGERME and Country Girls changed their lineup.

In parallel with their activities under Country Girls, Morito Chisaki is now part of the Morning Musume ’17 as a 14th generation member, Yanagawa Nanami is a member of Juice=Juice, and Funaki Musubu will be part of ANGERME.

Along with these announcements, it was announced that 3 members of the Hello! Pro Kenshuusei who were going to start in Hello! Project : Danbara Ruru is part of the Juice=Juice and Kawamura Ayano is will a member of ANGERME. These members started their activities during the Hello! Project Summer Concert Tour.

Also, a new Hello! Project idol group will be established very soon and Ichioka Reina, a Hello! Pro Kenshuusei member, will be the leader. No details about this group was published yet, but more informations about future members will be announced later. For now, Reina will perform as part of the Hello! Project during the concerts.

Regarding Juice=Juice, Tsunku had warned four years ago that the idol group would change lineup in the future. Indeed, the group now counts 7 members after a stable formation of almost 4 years.

Country Girls are reduced to 5 members, after the graduation of their playing manager Tsugunaga Momoko on June 30. It will remain active during the Hello! Project general tours, but will release singles in digital format only. In this way, the older members (Yamaki and Ozeki) can concentrate on their studies.

Moreover, for the 20 years of Hello! Project, new member auditions to recruit new members were announced as part of the Hello! Project 2018 Audition.

Discover the new profile photos of the idol groups below!

Hello! Project (ハロー!プロジェクト)

Morning Musume '17 (モーニング娘。'17)

Morning Musume ’17



Country Girls (カントリー・ガールズ)

Country Girls

Hello! Project Auditions