Magical Dreamin’ – Magical Change


Magical Dreamin' (マジカル☆どりーみん)Magical Dreamin‘s debut single Magical Change (マジカル☆チェンジ) will be released on August 5.

Magical Dreamin’ is special idol unit consisting of Takahashi Mari, Tominaga Mimori (Dorothy Little Happy), Murakami Rana, Minamiguchi Nana (GEM), Nagao Mami, Moriya Sakura (X21).

Check out the MV.

It is the opening theme song for the anime Jewel Pet Magical Change (ジュエルペット マジカルチェンジ).

4 versions are available. The CD editions include a coupling song by each idol group (Dorothy Little Happy, GEM or X21).

Further details will be announced later.


  • CD Editions
    • CD
      1. Magical Change (マジカル☆チェンジ)
      2. ?? (未定) (Dorothy Little Happy ver. / GEM ver. / X21 ver.)
  • CD+DVD Edition
    • CD
      1. Magical Change (マジカル☆チェンジ)
      2. Magical Change (Instrumental)
      3. Magical Change (TV-size ver.)
    • DVD
      1. Magical Change (Music Video)

Music Video (PV)

Magical Dreamin' (マジカル☆どりーみん)