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callme – One time

callme - One timecallme will release their new single One time on August 9.

This is the 5th single of the idol group.

The music video is made up of a large variety of artistic shots featuring the members of callme dancing in a hallway full of hanging lights, covered in colorful body paint, and going through dark hallways.


Shirato Kana leaves Dorothy Little Happy

Shirato Kana (白戸佳奈) - Dorothy Little HappyShirato Kana will leave Dorothy Little Happy after a last live performance on July 23 at Mt.Rainier Hall Shibuya Pleasure Pleasure in Tokyo.

She will also retire from the entertainment industry.

The staff added that it will also be the end of Dorothy Little Happy’s activites in the current system. Further details will be given later.


Dorothy Little Happy – For You / Demo Sayonara (2017 ver.)

Dorothy Little Happy - For You / Demo Sayonara (2017 ver.)The new single of Dorothy Little Happy will be on sale on May 31.

It is entitled For You / Demo Sayonara (2017 ver.) (For You/デモサヨナラ(2017 ver.)) and will be released under the label Otodama Records.

This single is for the first time performed by one member only. Indeed, Mari is the only member of the idol group to be active, Kana is on hiatus since February for health issues. She is currently receiving medical treatment.


callme – Can not change nothing

callme - Can not change nothingcallme‘s 2nd single Can not change nothing will be on sale on April 6th.

This is the ending theme song for the drama Kanagawa-ken Atsugi-shi Laundry  (神奈川県厚木市 ランドリー茅ヶ崎) starring Matsui Rena (ex SKE48).

Check out the MV.


Dorothy Little Happy – Restart

Dorothy Little HappyDorothy Little Happy will release their new single Restart on December 16th.

As its title suggests, it marks a new step in the history of the idol group which went through several changes over the last few months.

This single will the first CD of Dorothy Little Happy under their new label Universal Gear.

Watch the teaser trailer.


Akimoto Ruuna, Tominaga Mimori, Hayasaka Koumi to graduate from Dorothy Little Happy

Dorothy Little Happy (ドロシーリトルハッピー)Akimoto Ruuna, Tominaga Mimori and Hayasaka Koumi announced their graduation from Dorothy Little Happy.

The 3 members will leave the idol group on July 12 after the final concert of Dorothy Little Happy Live Tour 2015 5th Anniversary ~just move on~ at Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo.

Akimoto Ruuna, Tominaga Mimori and Hayasaka Koumi are going pursue their activities with Callme. The unit was formed in December 2014.


Yufu Mari – Hotaru

Yufu Mari (ユフ♬マリ)Yufu♬Mari (ユフ♬マリ) will release their debut digital single Hotaru on July 2.

Yufu Mari is a special idol duo consisting of Terashima Yufu (ex BiS) and Takahashi Mari (Dorothy Little Happy).

Check out the video of Hotaru recorded at a live performance.