Yufu Mari – Hotaru


Yufu Mari (ユフ♬マリ)Yufu♬Mari (ユフ♬マリ) will release their debut digital single Hotaru on July 2.

Yufu Mari is a special idol duo consisting of Terashima Yufu (ex BiS) and Takahashi Mari (Dorothy Little Happy).

Check out the video of Hotaru recorded at a live performance.

YufuMari was formed this spring. The idol group will be active for a limited period of time. The girls performed for the first time on stage on May 31 at @Jam Expo 2014 at Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo. They will disband after a last appearance on August 31 at @Jam Expo 2014 at Yokohama Arena. They are produced by Hashimoto Keiichi.

Video (Live)

Yufu Mari (ユフ♬マリ)