Negicco – Nee Vardia


NegiccoNegicco‘s new single Nee Vardia (ねぇバーディア) will go on sale on August 11.

In addition, Negicco 12th Anniversary ~Negi Fes~ will be held on July 20 at Tokorozawakoku Memorial Park, Saitama. Okamoto’s, Triceratops and Especia will perform at the event as guests.

Ikeda Takafumi (Rekishi) wrote the lyrics, composed the music and produced Nee Vardia. It is a summer song.

The lyrics of the coupling song Oyasumi (おやすみ) were written by singer and designer Meg. The music was composed by Negicco producer Connie. It is their first ballad.

4 editions of the single are available.

Type A comes with a bonus DVD featuring the music videos.

Type B includes a 2nd CD containing 3 remixed versions of the idol group’s songs.

Furthermore, their 1st nationwide live tour Never Give Up Girls!!! & Rice & Snow was released on DVD on July 14.

The idol group from Niigata is going to take part as guest at Perfume Fes 2015 ~3-nin Matsuri~ (Perfume Fes!! 2015 〜三人祭〜) at Nippon Budokan on September 22.


  • CD
    1. Nee Vardia (ねぇバーディア)
    2. Oyasumi (おやすみ)
    3. Nee Vardia (Instrumental)
    4. Oyasumi (Instrumental)
  • DVD (Type A)
    1. Nee Vardia (Music Video)
    2. Oyasumi (Music Video)
  • ReNegi CD (Type B)
    1. Summer Breeze (Royal Mirrorball remix)
    2. Festival de Aimashou (フェスティバルで会いましょう) (bo en remix)
    3. Negi-sama! Bravo (ネギさま!Bravo☆) (Tomggg remix)

Music Video (PV)