S-Qty – Five My Star


S-Qty - Five my StarS-Qty’s 3rd single Five My Star (FiVE☆マイスター) will be released on June 19.

The CD contains 3 songs including a new version of Bokke! Okayama!! (ぼっけぇ!おかやま!!).

The single was produced, written and composed by Kawata Soichiro and Sasaki Nozomu from Soulife.

It is the first release of S-Qty for almost a year.


  1. Five My Star (Five☆マイスター)
  2. Seishun Boku Sou Tune (青春爆奏曲)
  3. Bokke! Okayama!! (ぼっけぇ!おかやま!!)