S-Qty – Last Spring Snow


S-Qty - Last Spring SnowS-Qty‘s new single Last Spring Snow will be released on May 21.

This is the last single from S-Qty as Yamasaki Asaka and Yamasaki Airi are going to gradute from the idol group.

The songs were produces and written in a hurry by Soulife before the graduation of both members .

Only one edition of the CD is available. It contains 2 songs including a remix by Yamasaki sisters.

Furthermore, S-Qty will hold a last live performance on June 1 at Kurashiki Redbox in Okayama Prefecture.


  1. Last Spring Snow
  2. S-Qtimes!! (Sisters Remix)
  3. Last Spring Snow (Instrumental)
  4. S-Qtimes!! (Instrumental)

S-Qty - Last Spring Snow