S/mileage, Dempagumi.inc and Babyraids at HMV Nippon Juudan Idol Ranbu 2013


HMV Idol Gakuen presents Nippon Juudan Idol Ranbu 2013S/mileage, Dempagumi.inc, and Babyraids will participate in Nippon Juudan Idol Ranbu 2013 (日本縦断アイドル乱舞) as guests on March 30 at Shibuya-AX, Tokyo.

S/mileage will also perform on March 20 at Umeda Akaso, Osaka.

9nine, Tokyo Girls Style, and Cheeky Parade will participate in all tour dates.

The live event is presented by HMV Idol Gakuen (HMVアイドル学園).