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BABYRAIDS JAPAN announced their disbandment. Their last live performance Zen Tora ga Naita! Densetsu no Saikou Kaminari Mai (Climax) (全虎が啼いた!伝説の最高雷舞(クライマックス)) will be held on September 24th at Yamanakako Communication Place Kirara.

The staff explained that there were several discussions about the future of BABYRAIDS JAPAN. They came to the conclusion that all members could not work in the same direction. Therefore the idol group decided to break up.


Babyraids Japan – ○○○○○

Babyraids Japan - ○○○○○The new single ◯◯◯◯◯ of Babyraids Japan will be on sale on August 2.

The single title is pronounced Maru Maru Maru Maru Maru.

It’s the 14th single of the idol group Babyraids Japan.

This is the new ending theme song of the TV anime Nana Maru San Batsu. She was performed at a group concert at the Inage Seaside Park Outdoor Stage on last June 24.


Babyraids Japan – Baki Baki

Babyraids Japan - Baki BakiBabyraids Japan unveil their new single Baki Baki (バキバキ).

This is the 13th single by the idol group. It will be released on May 10.

You can now watch the MV. In the video, the members of Babyraids Japan want to give us an important message about smartphone screens.


Interview : Babyraids Japan

Babyraids Japan (ベイビーレイズJapan)Babyraids Japan participated in Japan Expo 2016 in Paris Nord Villepinte, France, in July.

The leaders of the Emotional Idorock performed abroad for the first time at the festival.

Along with other medias, we had the opportunity to meet the members of the idol group.

Check out the interview with Babyraids Japan.


Babyraids Densetsu no Live ~Mouko Shuurai~

Babyraids Densetsu no Live ~Mouko Shuurai~Babyraids Densetsu no Live ~Mouko Shuurai~ (ベイビーレイズ伝説の雷舞! ~猛虎襲来~) will be released on DVD on July 9.

The concert was held on December 23, 2013 at Shinkiba Studio Coast.

Babyraids performed more than 20 songs during this concert.