StarmarieStarmarie is a Japanese idol group formed in July 2008.

It currently consists of 5 members.

They are gothic lolitas.

The idol unit is based in Tokyo.

The girls perform songs with the themes of fantasy and fairy tales.

Their fans are called “Marist” (マリスト).

Biography / History

In July 2008, the 3 original members were Aoki Shiori, Arai Kaori and Sekine Saya.

Kishita Nozomi joined the idol unit in August 2008.

Starmarie released their debut single Time Machine Love (タイムマシーン・ラブ) in February 2009.

Arai Kaori withdrew in November 2009. She was replaced by Takamori Shino.

Sekine Saya announced her withdrawal in August 2010.

Starmarie took part in Allover project. Aoki Shiori, Kishita Nozomi, and Takamori Shino were members of Team α (alpha).

StarmarieStarmarie participated in Anime Expo AX in July 2013 in Los Angeles as industry guests. It was their first live performance overseas.

The idol group performed at Best of Anime in Philippines in September 2013 and in May 2014.

Starmarie went back to USA in March 2014 to participate in SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas.

StarmarieAoki Shiori withdrew in April 2014.

In June 2014, Matsuzaki Hiroka, Nakane Motoko and Watanabe Kaede joined the unit as new members.

In September 2014, Starmarie participated in Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei in Taiwan along with other Japanese idol groups. The girls held a live performance in the Philippines a few days later.

StarmarieIn November 2014, they performed at Little Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei.

Starmarie official collection card app for iPhone was released in December 2014. It is available on the iTunes store.

Kishita Nozomi and Nakate Motoko starred as actresses in the stage play Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru ni Kanari Yoru Yoru (銀河鉄道の夜にかなり依る夜) in January 2015. It is the 7th stage play by Space Trip company.

StarmarieStarmarie Asia Tour 2015 ~Fantastic~ was held from March to May 2015. The idol group gave concerts in Japan, in Taiwan, in the Philippines and in Indonesia.

The girls partiicipated in CLAS:H 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia, in May 2015.

Starmarie performed at Pipe Live Music in Taiwan alongside Kikkawa You in July 2015.

StarmarieTheir single Mekurumeku Yuuki (メクルメク勇気!), which was released in August 2015, is the ending theme song for the anime Card Fight!! Vanguard G (カードファイト!! ヴァンガードG) airing on TV Tokyo.

In August 2015, Nakane Motoko and Kishita Nozomi were appointed PR ambassadors of the Atami Sun Beach Water Park (熱海サンビーチウォーターパーク) in Shizuoka prefecture.

Nakane Motoko changed her name to Nakane Monya in August 2015.

The idol group was back to Taiwan in September 2015, and then in November 2015 as part of their The Fantasy World concert tour. The members also participated in a gothic lolita fashion event and in a girls idol festival.

Starmarie & Tsai Ing-wen (President of Taiwan)They held their first live in Hong Kong in December 2015.

In January 2016, Starmarie met Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen before their show at the Fancy Frontier Cosplay Convention at Taipei Expo Park.

In February 2016, the girls unveiled new costumes whose design was made in collaboration with internationally popular Harajuku street fashion brand Putumayo and costume house Rion.

The single Hime wa Rankiryuu Goikkou-sama (姫は乱気流☆御一行様), on sale in April 2016, is the ending theme song for the anime Onigiri (鬼斬).


  • Starmarie (スターマリー)
  • Years active : 2008 – present
  • Label : Shikisai Records
  • Agency : M-Smile


  • Kishita Nozomi (木下望)
  • Takamori Shino (高森紫乃)
  • Matsuzaki Hiroka (松崎博香)
  • Nakane Motoko (中根礎子) / Nakane Monya (中根もにゃ)
  • Watanabe Kaede (渡辺楓)

Former Members

  • Arai Kaori (荒井香里)
  • Sekine Saya (関根沙亜耶)
  • Aoki Shiori (青木栞)



  • 11/02/2009 : Time Machine Love (タイムマシーン・ラブ)
  • 20/05/2009 : Mahou Tsukai Lulu (魔法使いルル)
  • 24/02/2010 : Andromeda Proposal (アンドロメダ・プロポーズ)
  • 15/12/2010 : Monomane Shi Nero (モノマネ師ネロ)
  • 27/04/2011 : Namida no Paso Koujou “Concel Kamata” ~Single Version~ (涙のパン工場「コンセル・カマタ」~Single Version~)
  • 25/07/2012 : Mitsuboshi Restaurant Paul kara no Shoutaijou (三ツ星レストラン ポールからの招待状)
  • 10/10/2012 : Hagane no Yuuki (ハガネの勇気)
  • 03/12/2014 : Circus wo Koroshita no wa Dare Da (サーカスを殺したのは誰だ ; Who Killed Circus?)
  • 27/05/2015 : Net Auction Babies (ネット・オークション・ベイビーズ)
  • 19/08/2015 : Mekurumeku Yuuki (メクルメク勇気!)
  • 20/04/2016 : Hime wa Rankiryuu Goikkou-sama (姫は乱気流☆御一行様)


  • 23/02/2011 : Fantasy World (ファンタジーワールド)
  • 26/12/2012 : Fantasy World 2 (ファンタジーワールド2)
  • 16/04/2014 : Fantasy World 3 (ファンタジーワールド3)
  • 19/02/2016 : Fantasy Novel

Best Albums

  • 22/06/2015 : The Fantasy World