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Starmarie – Fantasy World IV

Starmarie - Fantasy World IVStarmarie released their new album Fantasy World IV on February 14.

This is the 5th album of Starmarie but their 4th original album for 4 years.

Only one edition is available.

The MVs for the new songs Akuma, Hajimemasu. and Don’t Looking for Me have been unveiled.


Starmarie – Natsu ni Nare!

Starmarie - Natsu ni Nare!Starmarie have released their new single Natsu ni Nare! (ナツニナレ!) on July 4.

This is the 12th single of the dark fantasy idol group Starmarie.

This is the theme of the ending of the anime Card Fight !! Vanguard G NEXT (カードファイト!! ヴァンガードG NEXT) broadcast on TV Tokyo.


Starmarie – Fantasy Theater

Starmarie - Fantasy TheaterThe new album of Starmarie entitled Fantasy Theater will released on April 4.

This is the 4th full album of Starmarie, and the first of the idol group for 3 years.

The album is available in one edition ony and contains in total 20 songs.


Starmarie – Spell Of The Book

Starmarie“Singers of death” Starmarie have released Spell Of The Book, another trademark “dark fantasy” themed track, for free listening.

Their “hard” sound appeals to the aural senses, but Starmarie shines with their lyrics.

The lyrics are structured like a so-called “book”, beginning with a synopsis, running through the first through final chapters, and concluding with an epilogue.


Starmarie – Hime wa Rankiryuu Goikkou-sama

Starmarie - Hime wa Rankiryuu Goikkou-samaStarmarie‘s new single Hime wa Rankiryuu Goikkou-sama (姫は乱気流☆御一行様) will be on sale on April 20th.

It is the ending theme for the anime Onigiri (鬼斬) which will start airing on Tokyo MX on April 6th.

This announcement was made during fantasy unit Starmarie’s live performance on February 19th at Tsutaya O-East.


Starmarie promote show to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen

Starmarie & Tsai Ing-wen (President of Taiwan)January 30th and 31st marked Starmarie’s 7th live in Taiwan. They performed most recently at Fancy Frontier Cosplay Convention at Taipei Expo Park.

Most notably, guest of honor Taiwan’s newly elected president, Tsai Ing-wen, was thrilled by Nakane Monya initiating conversation in Chinese. « You’re an idol from Japan? ». Tsai Ing-wen remarked on Nakane Monya’s language ability as the idol group promoted their March 20 5th solo show at Taipei Pipe Live Music.


Starmarie Live in Hong Kong

Starmarie in Hong KongFans across Asia flocked to watch Starmarie perform at Hong Kong’s Music Stage at the group’s first ever concert in Hong Kong on December 20th.

Not only has dark fantasy girl group Starmarie achieved domestic success on their road to Budokan, they have simultaneously enjoyed Asia-wide stardom across Asia. In 2015 alone, they performed 4 solo shows in Taiwan, 2 shows in the Philippines, and a show each in China and Indonesia for a total of 8 overseas live performances.