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Several idols in GTO drama

mizuki-matsui-airi-kizaki-yuria-gtoMizuki (ex Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku) and Okamoto Natsumi (ex Oha Girl Chu! Chu! Chu!) will be starring in  GTO drama.

Kizaki Yuria (AKB48), Miyatake Mio (bump.y), Matsui Airi and Miyoshi Ayaka (ex Sakura Gakuin) will also make some appearances in the drama.

The story is based on the popular manga GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka, グレート・ティーチャー・オニヅカ) by Fujisawa Tohru.


bump.y announced their graduation

bump.ybump.y announced the graduation of all members. The idol group is going to disband in late June.

As the members of bump.y are now focusing on their career as actresses, the staff decided to stop their activities.

The date of bump.y’s latest live performance and of their graduation ceremony hasn’t been determined yet.


bump.y – Pinpoint

bump.y - pinpointbump.y’s new album Pinpoint will be released on December 18.

This is the 1st original album from bump.y. It celebrates the 4th anniversary of the idol group.

The CD contains 10 songs including bump.y’s latest singles Cosmo no Hitomi and Savage Heaven.

The limited edition includes a DVD with the music videos and bonus footage.


Sakuraba Nanami (bump.y) – Limit

Limit (リミット)The drama Limit (リミット) starring Sakuraba Nanami (bump.y) will be released on DVD on November 22.

The drama is an adaptation of the manga of the same name by Suenobu Keiko.

Sakuraba Nanami plays the role of the main character Konno Mizuki. The story is about 5 students trying to survive in the woods after a bus accident during a school trip.


Sakuraba Nanami (bump.y) in Miss Pilot

Sakuraba Nanami (bump.y)Sakura Nanami (bump.y) will make an appearance in the drama Miss Pilot (ミス・パイロット).

Sakura Nanami will play the role of Abeno Suzu, a girl in love with Kishi Taiji (Mamiya Shotaro).

The story is about a girl, Tezuka Haru, who is a student trying to become a pilot. The leading role is played by Horikita Maki.

The drama will start airing in October on Fuji TV.


Takatsuki Sara (bump.y) – 16 (Photobook)

Takatsuki Sara (bump.y) - 16 (Photobook)Takatsuki Sara will release her 1st photobook 16 on August 10.

Takatsuki Sara is a member of bump.y and an actress.

As the title suggests, she has just turned 16 years old. This photobook shows her transformation into an almost adult woman who kept her innocence.

The book has 96 pages and is in B5 format.


Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku, bump.y, and Yumemiru Adolescence in Joker Game

Joker GameSuzuki Hirono (Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku), Matsuno Rina (Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku), Miyatake Mio (bump.y), and Kyoka (Yumemiru Adolescence) will be starring in the movie Joker Game ~Escape~ (ジョーカーゲーム ~脱出~).

The story is about 7 girls, including the idols listed below, who are trying to escape do death. It is a survival horror movie. It is the sequel of the 2012 movie Joker Game in which Kitahara Rie (AKB48) was playing.

Joker Game ~Escape~ will be released in theaters on August 17 in Japan.

Check out the trailer.


bump.y – Savage Heaven

bump.y - Savage Heavenbump.y will release their new single Savage Heaven on July 24.

The coupling songs are different for each version.

The regular edition contains 2 bonus songs, including a remixed version of bump.y’s previous single Cosmo no Hitomi (Cosmoの瞳).

The limited editions come with a DVD featuring either the music video and its making-of, or another bonus footage.

It is the theme song for the drama Limit (リミット) starring Sakuraba Nanami.


Sakuraba Nanami (bump.y) in the drama Limit

Sakuraba NanamiSakuraba Nanami (bump.y) will be starring in the drama Limit (リミット).

The drama is an adaptation of the manga by Suenobu Keiko.

It will start airing on TV Tokyo in July. It will be broadcast every Friday night at midnight.

The other main characters are played by Tsuchiya Tao, Kudo Ayano, and Yamashita Rio.


bump.y Happy Birthday Concert ~The 3rd Departure~

bump.ybump.y Happy Birthday Concert ~The 3rd Departure~ (bump.y ハッピーバースデーconcert▼ ~the 3rd departure~) will be held on August 25.

The concert will take place at Laforet Museum Roppongi, Tokyo.

As its name suggests, this event will celebrate the 3rd anniversary of bump.y’s debut. Indeed, their 1st single Voice was released on August 25, 2013.

2 live performances are scheduled, one in the afternoon and another in the evening.