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DiVA – DIVA (Album)

DiVADiVA‘s new album DIVA will be released on November 5.

This is the first and last album of the AKB48 sub-unit DiVA before its disbandment.

It includes all their singles and songs written by Miyazawa Sae, Akimoto Sayaka, Umeda Ayaka, Masuda Yuka and former AKB48 member Oshima Yuko.

Check out the videos comments by the members of the idol group.


DiVA – Discovery

DiVA - DiscoveryDiVA‘s new single Discovery will be released on October 8th.

This is the last single from AKB48 sub-unit DiVA before its disbandment.

The MV and the TV spot have been released.


Akimoto Sayaka announces her graduation from AKB48

Akimoto SayakaAkimoto Sayaka announced her graduation from AKB48. The date hasn’t been determined yet.

Sayaka explained on her blog that she wants to experience something new and to become an actress. She also added that she won’t participate in the 5th Senbatsu Election.

Akimoto Sayaka joined AKB48 in 2006 as a 2nd generation member. She is part of Team K that she captained. She is also a member of the sub-unit DiVA.


Masuda Yuka to withdraw from AKB48

Masuda YasukaMasuda Yuka announced her withdrawal from AKB48.

She explained on her blog that she leaves the group due the publication of an article in a magazine reporting that she stayed overnight at the home of Da Pump member Issa, which is not allowed for her as an idol.

Masuda Yuka joined AKB48 in 2006. She was part of Team K and AKB48’s subunit DiVA.