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JyuJyu – JyuJyu (Album)

JyuJyu (じゅじゅ)The new album JyuJyu (じゅじゅ) of JyuJyu will release on February 13.

This is the 1st mini album of the heavy metal idol group.

The new members Yurane and Chunly, who joined JyuJyu in July 2017, make their first appearance in this album.


Graduation of Minoru from JyuJyu

Minoru (みのる) - Jyujyu (じゅじゅ)Minoru officially left JyuJyu on July 4.

Minoru had already announced her graduation in May.

This decision was taken by herself because she couldn’t continue her activies with the idol group because of familial issues. She also decided to focus on her studies.


Jyujyu – Kuro Ito

Jyu Jyu - Kuro ItoThe new single of Jyujyu entitled Kuro Ito (黒糸) will be released on March 14.

This is the 5th single of the gloomy idol group Jyujyu.

In the video clip that you can see below, the girls are in a room of what appears to be an antique mansion, Jyujyu spin and sway under flickering lights, their glance upon enchanted mirrors and portraits, while their hypnotic vocals become entwined with the gloomy instrumentation.


Jyujyu – Noroi Hajime

Jyujyu - NoroihajimeJyujyu will release their new single Noroi Hajime (ノロイハジメ) on October 25.

The new members Miori (みおり) ans Minoru (みのる) will make their first appearance on this disc. They joined the idol group last summer to replace Shirai who graduated last February.

You can listen to the first 2 songs on Soundcloud.


Shirai to graduate from Jyujyu

Jyujyu (じゅじゅ)Shirai announced her graduation from Jyujyu.

As a result, the idol group is on hiatus since only one member is remaining, Neu.

In addition, it has been announced that Jyujyu staff was going to hold auditions in March to recruit new members.


Jyujyu – Ikenie

Jyujyu (じゅじゅ)Jyujyu‘s new album Ikenie (イケニエ) will be released on February 23rd.

This is the 1st album from Jyujyu, an idol group consisting of Neu and Shirai.

The CD contains 13 tracks including their latest singles idoll, Zero (零), Gekkou Pierrot (月光ピエロ)., and new songs.