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LinQ – Aa Jounetsu no Banbaraya / Shitsuren Photograph

LinQ - Aa Jounetsu no Banbaraya / Shitsuren PhotographLinQ starts the year with a new single Aa Jounetsu no Banbaraya / Shitsuren Photograph (ああ情熱のバンバラヤー/失恋フォトグラフ).

This is the 17th single of the idol group LinQ and it was released on January 31st.

Check out the MV for the song Shitsuren Photograph below.

It is also the first single of LinQ with its new line-up reduced of 11 members.


New start for LinQ

LinQThe recent big line-up change shows a new start for LinQ !

Many members left the idol group between last June and August.

LinQ is now reduced to 11 members.


LinQ – Treasure

LinQ - TreasureLinQ will release their new single Treasure (トレジャー) on May 3.

This is the 16th single by LinQ, an idol group from Fukuoka.

The title song was used as new ending theme song of the anime Yokai Watch.


Sugimoto Yusa to graduate from LinQ

Sugimoto Yusa (杉本ゆさ) - LinQSugimoto Yusa announced her graduation from LinQ.

She will leave the idol group from Fukuoka on February 22, 2017, on the same day as the release of LinQ’s upcoming single Makenaizo (負けないぞ).


LinQ – Furusato Japon

LinQ - Furusato JaponThe 14th single of LinQ Furusato Japon (ふるさとジャポン) is on sale since September 28.

It was released under Avex music creative Inc. from Avex Group.

The tracklist was unveiled.

The song Furusato Japon served as the new ending theme song for the anime Yokai Watch and as theme song for Nintendo 3DS.


Graduation of Ichinose Miku and Fukase Chisei from LinQ

Ichinose Miku (一ノ瀬みく) & Chisei Fukase (深瀬智聖) - LinQIchinose Miku and Fukase Chisei announced their graduation from LinQ.

Both girls are going to turn 30 years old soon, and they decided to leave the idol group in June.

Ichinose Miku and Fukase Chisei will pursue solo activities in the entertainment industry as part of Job Net. This taleng agency also manages LinQ.


Hoshino Mai new member of LinQ

Hoshino Mai (星野真依) - LinQHoshino Mai has just joined LinQ as a new member. She is part of the 7th generation of the idol group.

Hoshino Mai is 14 years old. She is a middle school student from Fukuoka. Her hobbies are painting and music.

Check out her introduction video.


LinQ – Frontier ~LinQ Dai 3 Gakushou~

LinQ - Frontier ~LinQ Dai 3 Gakushou~The new album of LinQ entitled Frontier ~LinQ Dai 3 Gakushou~ (Frontier~LinQ 第三楽章~) was released on Novembre 25.

This is the 3rd album by the idol group from Fukuoka. It’s also the 2nd major album of the group.

The tracklist was unveiled. It contains the latest singles of LinQ and news songs.

Check out the promotional video.


LinQ – LinQuest ~Yagate Densetsu e…

LinQ - LinQuest ~Yagatte Densetsu e...LinQ‘s new single LinQuest ~Yagate Densetsu e… (~やがて伝説へ・・・ ) will be released on September 9.

This is the 7th single from the idol group from Kyushu, and the 3rd one produced by Maeyamada Kenichi aka Hyadain.

The MV has been revealed.


LinQ – Hare Hare Parade

LinQ - Hare Hare☆ParadeThe new single of LinQ entitled Hare Hare Parade (ハレハレ☆パレード) will be on sale on April 29.

This is the 11th single of LinQ and its 6th one to release under the major label Warner Music Japan. The song was produced by the singer-songwritter Naoto Inti Raymi.