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P.IDL – Hello P.IDL

Hello P.IDLP.IDL released their 2nd album Hello P.IDL on November 14.

It contains a new song Very Merry X’mas! des P.IDL Nagoya, whose MV was recently unveiled.

P.IDL collaborated with the famous Hello! Kitty brand. The well-known character appears on the different album covers, with P.IDL members dressed like her.


P.IDL – Mongolian Chop

P.IDL - Mongolian Chop (モンゴリア~ン チョップ!)P.IDL‘s 1st album Mongolian Chop! (モンゴリア~ン チョップ!) will be released on November 4th.

This album contains 17 or 19 tracks depending on the edition, including all their singles.

Pro wrestler Tenzan Hiroyoshi brought his support via a video message with the members of P.IDL (Performance Idol League). He also appears on one of the CD covers.


P.IDL – Natsu

P.IDL Natsu! (夏っ!) Regular ver.P.IDL‘s new single Natsu! (夏っ!) will be released on June 3.

This is the 4th single from P.IDL. The name of the group stands for Performance IDol League.

The MV and the covers have been unveiled. The theme is summer. It features the girls having fun on the beach.


P.IDL – Samishii Nettaigyo / Sansan Aibo

P.IDL - Samishii Nettaigyo / Sansan AiboP.IDL‘s 2nd single Samishii Nettaigyo / Sansan Aibo (淋しい熱帯魚 / 燦燦愛慕) was released on August 6.

It is a double A-side single. There are 4 editions, that is to say one for the members of each team of P.IDL (Performance IDol League).

Check out the music videos.


P.IDL – Shoujo no Mama Ja Irarenai

P.IDL - Shoujo no Mama Ja IrarenaiP.IDL‘s 1st single Shoujo no Mama Ja Irarenai (少女のままじゃいられない) will be released on May 7.

5 versions of the single are available, including one for each P.IDL team : P (pop), I (idol), D (dance), L (lady).

The MV and its dance version have been released.