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Gang Parade – Gang 2

Gang Parade - Gang 2

The new single Gang 2 by Gang Parade will be released on May 29th.

The single marks the return of the leader Kamiya Saki within after a position exchange with BiS‘ Aya Eagle Price for a long-term.

It is also the first single by Gang Parade with two new members: Haruna Bach Chin and Tsuki Nousagi.

Check out the music videos of the new songs below.


Gang Parade – Breaking The Road

Gang Parade - Breaking The Road

Gang Parade will release their new single Breaking The Road on February 20.

This is the 9th single by the idol group since its creation, and the 5th under its current name Gang Parade.

Check out the MVs for the new songs below!


Pla2me : 4 new members and new name POP

POP (Period Of Plastic 2 Mercy / Pla2me)4 new members joined Pla2me. Their names are Inukai Maaya, Yamamachi Miki, Shigusawa Ao and Yumeno Yua. Their faces haven’t been revealed yet as they are hidden by their hands on the profile picture.

In addition, Pla2me changed their name to POP. The staff explained that it is an acronym for Period Of Plastic 2 Mercy.


Pla2me – Unit

Pla2me - Unit

Idol group Pla2me released its new single UNIT on January 6.

This is the second single of Pla2me and its second disc to be released under the label T-Palette Records.

The tracklist and the clip video were unveiled.


Pla2me – Plastic 2 Mercy

Pla2me (プラニメ)Pla2me‘s debut single Plastic 2 Mercy will be released on September 30th.

Pla2me (プラニメ) is a new idol group consisting of former BiS member Kamiya Saki and Mizuta Mari (ex Izukoneko).

Live video recorded at Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 has been unveiled.