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Yajima Maimi – Nobody knows 23 (Photobook)

Yajima Maimi - Nobody Knows 23°C-ute leader Yajima Maimi, one of the Hello! Project units, has just published a new photobook.. The title is Nobody knows 23. It was released on August 21, 2015, i.e. a little more than a week ago. Check out some pictures of this photobook, and the video of the release event.


Yajima Maimi – Pure Eyes (Photobook)

Yajima MaimiLeader of the idol group °C-ute Yajima Maimi is going to release a new photobook titled Pure Eyes on March 27.

The shooting of Pure Eyes took place on the island of Hawaii, surrounded by mountains, sea, magnificent wilderness, and a lava field.

This photobook features natural and pure facial expressions of Yajima Maimi who has grown a lot into a beautiful woman. Her spirit and presence stands out in the pictures.


Yajima Maimi – Blue Wind

Yajima Maimi‘s 4th solo DVD Blue Wind will be released on April 9.

The filming was done in Hawaii. This DVD shows various sides of the idol. It includes also swimsuit footage as usual for this type of item.

Some videos of Yajima Maimi’s trip in Hawaii have been posted.


Yajima Maimi – Smiling Sky

Yajima Maimi (°C-ute)Yajima Maimi’s solo DVD Smiling Sky will be released on December 15.

This item includes various scenes and some interiews with °C-ute’s leader Yajima Maimi.

A preview video has been released.


Yajima Maimi – Glass to Mizu (Photobook)

Yajima Maimi (°C-ute)Yajima Maimi (°C-ute) will release her new photobook Glass to Mizu (ガラスと水) on October 15.

The themes of the photobook are “the image of a transparent glass” and “the image of water tinted various colors”. It shows the evolution of Yajima Maimi since she’s 18 years old, i.e. over the last 3 years.

The photos were taken by Nemoto Yoshinobu. It is published by Wani Books.


Yajima Maimi – My Museum Special DVD

Yajima MaimiYajima Maimi (°C-ute) will release My Museum Special DVD (マイミュージアム スペシャルDVD) on June 15.

This DVD complements Yajima Maimi’s upcoming photobook My Museum (マイミュージアム) which will go on sale on May 27. It features photo shooting and making-of footage.

It is a limited product which will only be available on e-LineUP!! and CDJapan.

Check out the digest video.


Yajima Maimi – My Museum (Photobook)

Yajima Maimi - My MuseumYajima Maimi (°C-ute) will release her new photobook My Museum (マイミュージアム) on May 27.

The photos were selected by Yajima Maimi, and the design of the photobook was also made by herself.

A digest video has been published. It shows some outfits worn by the leader of °C-ute and making of footage.

My Museum Special DVD (マイミュージアム スペシャルDVD) will go on sale on June 15.


Yajima Maimi, Nakajima Saki – Zomvideo

ZomvideoThe horror comedy film Zomvideo (ゾンビデオ) starring Yajima Maimi and Nakajima Saki (°C-ute) will be released on DVD on April 10.

The movie has been released in 2011. It was directed by Murakami Kenji.

The title, Zomvideo, is a word play with “Zombie” and “Video”.

°C-ute’s 17th single Sekaiichi Happy na Onna no Ko (世界一Happyな女の子) is the theme song for the movie.

The DVD includes theatrical trailer, making-of, greeting, and audio commentary from Murakami Kenji.


Yajima Maimi in Taklamakan

Yajima MaimiYajima Maimi (°C-ute) will be starring in the stage play Hata-gumi vol.5 (秦組 vol.5) Taklamakan (タクラマカン).

Taklamakan will run from May 31 to June 10 at Owl Spot, Tokyo, and on June 11 at Sankei Hall Breeze, Osaka.

Yajima Maimi had previously performed in the stage plays Hata-gumi vol.3 Ran (らん) in 2010 and Hata-gumi vol.4 Ran ~2011 New Version~ (らん―2011New version!!―) in 2011.


Yajima Maimi – Chelsie

Yajima Maimi - ChelsieYajima Maimi’s 3rd solo DVD Chelsie (チェルシー) will be released on December 19.

This DVD shows a more mature and sexy side of °C-ute’s leader. It features scenes in uniform, swimsuit, and other outfits.

Yajima Maimi’s photobook Hatachi was released on November 27.