Yanagawa Nanami and Musubu Funaki new members of Country Girls


Yanagawa Nanami & Musubu Funaki (Country Girls)Yanagawa Nanami and Musubu Funaki joined Country Girls as new members.

Both girls are also part Hello Pro Kenshusei. They are 13 years old.

As a result, the idol group from Hello! Project is now consisting of 7 members.

This surprise announcement was made on November 5 during an event held at Shinjuku Reny in Tokyo to celebrate Country Girls 1st anniversary.

Yanagawa Nanami and Musubu Funaki were introduced to the fans by Tsugunaga Momoko who made her comeback on stage after a few weeks of absence.

Yanagawa Nanami & Musubu Funaki (Country Girls)