Yumemiru Adolescence – Junjou Marionette


Yumemiru Adolescence - Junjou MarionetteYumemiru Adolescence’s new album Junjou Marionette (純情マリオネット) will be released on November 26.

It is the 2nd mini-album from YumeAdo. 4 editions are available. The tracklist is the same for each one of them, only the jacket is different.

The CD includes 7 tracks including their digital single Hanamomo (ハナモモ) and the instrumental version of the title song.

You & Me is a solo song performed by Shida Yumi from Yumemiru Adolescence.


  1. Junjou Marionette (純情マリオネット)
  2. Candy-chan (キャンディちゃん)
  3. 17:30 no Anime (17:30のアニメ)
  4. You & Me
  5. Itsuka Ohime-sama ga (いつかお姫様が)
  6. Hanamomo (ハナモモ)
  7. Junjou Marionette (純情マリオネット) (Instrumental)

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