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Yumemiru Adolescence – Sakura

Yumemiru Adolescence - SakuraYumemiru Adolescence will release their new single Sakura (桜) on March 14th.

This is the 11th major single of the idol group.

YumeAdo are back this year with a new line-up ; the new members : Minase Yuki (水無瀬ゆき), Yamashita Saya (山下彩耶) and Yamaguchi Hanon (山口はのん).


Shida Summer Arai Summer! – Shakunetsu Summer

Shida Summer Arai Summer! - Shakunetsu SummerThe group Shida Summer Arai Summer reveals its new single Shakunetsu Summer ~Summer King x Summer Queen~ (アッパーな「灼熱サマー ~SUMMER KING × SUMMER QUEEN~) which will be on sale on July 6.

This single will be the only disk of the group since it will be active for this summer only. The theme of the single is “summer”.