Buono! announce their break-up


Buono!Buono! held the concert Buono! Live 2017 ~Pienezza!~ at Yokohama Arena on May 22

This was the last live of the Hello! Project idol group.

The reasons why Buono! broke up are due to the various activities of the members:

  • Natsuyaki Miyabi (ex Berryz Kobo) founded her own group Pink Cres. under Up! Front Works in May 2016, which will release their debut album on next June.
  • Tsugunaga Momoko (ex Berryz Kobo) had announced in November that she will stop her activities under Hello! Project and the entertainment industry in June for becoming a teacher at elementary school or kindergarten. She is member and playing manager of Country Girls.
  • Suzuki Airi will graduate from Hello! Projet and from °C-ute which will stop their activities in June.

Buono! were formed in 2007. They released several successful recordings and have performed several international concerts.

We wish them a great success in their future endeavors.



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  1. Katara

    C’est vraiment dommage qu’elles se séparent. En tout cas, j’espère que tout se passera bien pour elles.

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