Negicco – Tokimeki no Headliner


Negicco - Tokimeki no HeadlinerNegicco‘s new single Tokimeki no Headliner (ときめきのヘッドライナー) will be released on November 6.

The single is produced by Nishidera Gota from Nona Reeves. The 3 members of Nona Reeves performed the music of the title song.

The coupling track was written and composed by Connie.

The CD also includes a remix version of Negicco’s single Ai no Tower of Love (愛のタワー・オブ・ラヴ).

The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring the music video and making-of footage.

Furthermore, the idol group will hold the live Negicco Best!!! 10 Nenbun no Arigatou (NegiccoBest!!!10年分のありがとう) on October 10 at Niigata Terrsa to celebrate its 10th anniversary.


  • CD
    1. Tokimeki no Headliner (ときめきのヘッドライナー)
    2. Sayonara Music (さよならMusic)
    3. Ai no Tower of Love (愛のタワー・オブ・ラヴ) (Extended 12″ Remix)
    4. Tokimeki no Headliner (ときめきのヘッドライナー) (Instrumental)
    5. Sayonara Music (Instrumental)
  • DVD (Limited Edition)
    1. Tokimeki no Headliner (ときめきのヘッドライナー) (Music Video)
    2. Tokimeki no Headliner (ときめきのヘッドライナー) (Making of)

Music Video (PV)


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