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Necronomidol – Strange Aeons

Necronomidol - Strange AeonsNecronomidol unveiled their new single!

It’s entitled Strange Aeons and will go on sale January 17th.

This is the sixth single of the dark metal idol group Necronomidol.

For this single, the group collaborated with a group of musicians Kiba of Abika, who had previously worked with the popular idol group Babymetal.


Imaizumi Rei (Necronomidol) will make her solo debut

Imaizumi Rei (今泉怜) - NecronomidolImaizumi Rei, member of the idol group Necronomidol, announced her solo debut.

This announcement was made by the singer via her Twitter account.

A photo of her was also published on Twitter ; she appears smiling and dressed in clothes (of a traditional idol) brighter than those worn by Necronomidol.


Necronomidol – Deathless

Necronomidol (ネクロノマイドル)Necronomidol released their 2nd album Deathless on February 22.

They also unveiled the MV for the song Ithaqua. In this one, Necronomidol are in a forest, standing in the deep snow, and their voices echo hauntingly through the freezing winter air alongside the atmospheric sound of black metal.

This is the first album featuring new members Imaizumi Rei and Tsukishiro Himari.


Tsukishiro Himari new member of Necronomidol

Necronomidol (ネクロノマイドル)Necronomidol announces the arrival of new member Tsukishiro Himari.

Necronomidol’s 2017 kickoff event A New Dark Age Dawns, to be held on January 5 at Meguro’s Rokumeikan, will be the first live performance of new member Tsukishiro Himari. The idol group will also unveil new uniforms and several new songs at the show along with the announcement of a number of new projects for 2017.


Tsukumo Hotaru to quit Necronomidol

Tsukumo Hotaru (九十九ほたる) - NecronomidolTsukumo Hotaru announced her that she was going to leave Necronomidol late November.

Tsukumo Hotaru told that she decided to leave the idol group in order to focus on studies at university. She will also stop activities in the entertainment industry.