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Sunmyu – Manatsu no Fantasy

Sunmyu - Manatsu no Fantasy

Sunmyu released this summer their new single Manatsu no Fantasy (真夏のFantasy).

It is the 11th single by the idol group Sunmyu and it is on sale since August 8th.

The MV for the title song was unveiled.


Hasegawa Reika to graduate from Sunmyu

Hasegawa Reika (長谷川怜華) - Sunmyu (さんみゅ〜)Hasegawa Reika announced her graduation from Sunmyu.

She will leave the idol group on December 27 after a last live performance at Akiba Cultures Theater in Tokyo.

Hasegawa Reika told that she wanted to realize her dream and become an actress.


Sunmyu – Toge Toge

Sunmyu (さんみゅ~)Sunmyu‘s 9th single Toge Toge (トゲトゲ) will be on sale on October 7.

Japanese singer, talent and television personality Becky wrote the lyrics and composed the music. She is part of Sun Music Production like the idol group.


Sunmyu – Hajimari no Melody

Sunmyu - Hajimari no MelodyThe new single of Sunmyu entitled Hajimari no Melody (はじまりのメロディ) will be on sale on next March 18.

This is the 8th single of Sunmyu and its first as a septet. Indeed, Kyogoku Tomoka left the idol group on last January 17.

The MV and the tracklist were revealed. The song Hajimari no Melody was witten by Mineko and composed by Kinoshita Keigyo.


Kyogoku Tomoka left Sunmyu

Kyogoku Tomoka (Sunmyu)Kyogoku Tomoka (京極友香) left Sunmyu on January 17.

She decided to leave Sunmyu in order to turn to other endeavours. She wishes to stay in the entertainment. She is willing to become a professionnal dancer, her greatest dream.


Sunmyu – Hatsuyuki no Symphony

Sunmyu (さんみゅ~)Sunmyu‘s new single Hatsuyuki no Symphony (初雪のシンフォニー) will be released on November 19.

This is the 7th major single from Sunmyu and the 4th original one from the idol group.

The MV and the track listing and the MV has been unveiled.


Sunmyu – Junjou Mermaid

Sunmyu (さんみゅ~)Sunmyu‘s new single Junjou Mermaid (純情マーメイド) will be released on July 2.

This is the 6th single from Sunmyu. It is a classical j-pop song.

The MV has been released.