Kasai Tomomi – STAR-T!


Kasai Tomomi - STAR-T!Kasai Tomomi, the former AKB48 member, unveils her first album!

It’s entitled STAR-T! and will be released on November 15, a day before her 26th birthday.

This is the first disc of Kasai Tomomi to be released for three years.

This album includes the first singles of Kasai Tomomi : Masaka, Mine, Kietaikurai and Ima Sarasara.

Check out the MV for Star-T! below.

The CDs will each contain a different song on the 10th track.

The DVD will include all the clips of the first singles and the new clip of the song Star-T! and its making-of.


  • CD
    1. Masaka
    2. Candy (キャンディー)
    3. Watashi no Hikari (私のヒカリ)
    4. Mine
    5. Kietai Kurai (キエタイクライ)
    6. Touch Me!
    7. Ima Sarasara (今さらさら)
    8. Joshuseki RAIN (助手席RAIN)
    9. Saigo no Namida (最後のナミダ)
    10. No Return (Type A) / Disoder (Type B)
    11. STAR-T!
    12. Gyutto! (ぎゅっと!)
  • DVD
    1. Masaka (Music Video)
    2. Mine (Music Video)
    3. Kietaikurai (Music Video)
    4. Ima Sarasara (Music Video)
    5. STAR-T! (Music Video)
    6. STAR-T! (Making of MV)
  • Editions : Types   A / B

Music Video (PV)

Kasai Tomomi - STAR-T!

Kasai Tomomi - STAR-T!

Kasai Tomomi (河西智美)