BiSH released their new single NON TiE-UP on June 26th.

The idol group BiSH suddenly put on sale this single without prior announcement, although the MV was released a few days ago.

The song NON TiE-UP is considered as a song with aggressive and solid content, and a provocative vocal performance is impressive.


Hiragana Keyakizaka46 – Hashiridasu Shunkan

Hiragana Keyakizaka46 - Hashiridasu Shunkan

Hiragana Keyakizaka46 released her new album Hashiridasu Shunkan (走り出す瞬間) on June 20th.

This is the first Hirakana Keyakizaka46‘s album (one of the Keyakizaka46 teams).

You can find the songs (performed by the team) from the last singles of the idol group.

Check out the MV for the new song Kitai Shiteinai Jibun below.


Candye♡Syrup – White Russian EP

Candye♡Syrup - White Russian

Candye♡Syrup will release their new single White Russian EP on June 20th.

This is the 2nd single by the idol group Candye♡Syrup.

Check out the MV for White Russian below.


PINK CRES. – Etcetera

PINK CRES. - Etcetera

PINK CRES. will release their new album Etcetera (えとせとら).

It’s the band’s second album and it will be released on June 27th

It was on pre-sale during an event held by PINK CRES. at Koshigaya Laketown on June 16th.


Lyrical School – World’s End

lyrical school - World's End

The new album of lyrical school will be released on June 19th.

It’s entitled World’s End.

It is the fourth album by the rap idol group Lyrical School but also its second major label album.

Check out the MVs for the songs Tokonatsu Return and High5 below.