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Pink Babies – UFO

Pink Babies - UFOPink Babies released their new single UFO on February 15.

This is a cover of the single of the same name of the Pink Lady released in 1977. Pink Babies, their sister group, usually cover their songs.

The MVs were unveiled.


Pink Babies at Japan Expo 2015

Pink Babies (ピンク・ベイビーズ)Pink Babies are going to participate in Japan Expo 2015 in France in July.

The members of the idol group have been appointed PR ambassadors to promote Japanese traditional crafts and products.

Pink Babies will perform at the Japan in Motion Live Show on Thursday. They will host a talk show on Saturday.


Pink Babies – Wanted

Pink Babies - WantedPink Babies‘ new single Wanted (ウォンテッド(指名手配)) was released on July 16.

This is the debut single from Pink Babies.

Check out the music video and the trailer.