Flower Notes – Let It Flow

Flower Notes - Let It FlowFlower Notes are back this summer.

They will release their 2nd single Let It Flow on July 19.

Fuji Aine left Flower Notes on June 4 ; She did not participate in the recording.


Terashima Yufu – Watashi wo Ryoko ni Tsuretette

Terashima Yufu - Watashi wo Ryoko ni TsuretetteThe new single of Terashima Yufu will be on sale on July 12.

It is entitled Watashi wo Ryoko ni Tsuretette (わたしを旅行につれてって).

Check out the short version of the MV below!

The music and the video are strongly inspired by those of the Japanese idols of the 1980s.


Maison book girl – 412

Maison book girl - 412The new single of Maison book girl 412 will be released on July 19.

This is the 2nd major single by the idol group Maison book girl.

The MV for the song rooms has been unveiled. It was made by Ninomiya Yuuki and Sakurai Kenta.


Matsuno Rina – Rina (Photobook)

Matsuno Rina - Rina (Photobook)The photobook of Matsuno Rina (ex-Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku) entitled Rina will be published posthumously on July 20th.

Matsuno Rina passed away last February of a severe arrhythmia at the age of 18.

The book will have 122 pages with a lot of pictures, and will illustrate the short and vibrant life of Matsuno Rina, who was also active as a fashion model in addition to being a member of the idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku.


Negicco 2011-2017 -Best- 2

Negicco 2011-2017 -Best- 2Negicco will release their new album Negicco 2011-2017 -Best- 2 on July 20.

This is the 2nd best-of album of the leek girls.

It will be released under the label T-Palette Records.