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Graduation of Erie from Dream and E-Girls

Erie (Dream, E-Girls)Erie, member of Dream and E-Girls, announced her upcoming graduation and retirement from the entertainment industry in December.

This announcement was made by Erie on the official website of Dream on October 28.

Although she isn’t sure yet of what she will do after graduation, Erie explained, however, she wanted to lead a normal life after 14 years of loyal service with the J-Pop group Dream. She said she also thought of studying abroad.


E-Girls – Merry × Merry Xmas

E-Girls - Merry × Merry XmasE-Girls‘ 15th single Merry × Merry Xmas★ will be on sale on December 23.

As the title suggests, It is a sweet Christmas and love song.

The theme of the music video is “E-Girls dance to celebrate Christmas”.


E-Girls – Dance Dance Dance

E-GirlsE-Girls‘ new single Dance Dance Dance will be on sale on September 30.

It is a disco funk song featuring a new sound and style for the Japanese girl group.

The curtain has been raised on the MV.


Ami (E-Girls, Dream) solo debut

Ami (E-Girls, Dream)Ami (E-Girls, Dream) is going to make her solo debut this summer.

This news was announced during E-Girls Live Tour 2015 Colorful World final performance on April 29 at Saitama Super Arena.

The title and the release date of Ami’s 1st solo single will be unveiled later.


E-Girls – Anniversary

E-Girls - AnniversaryE-Girls‘ new single Anniversary!! will be released on May 20.

This song is used in the latest commercial for Samantha Vega featuring E-Girls members.

The MV and the TV CM have been unveiled.


Dream – Konna ni mo

Dream - Konna ni moDream‘s new single Konna ni mo (こんなにも) will be released on February 11.

The subtitle of Dream’s new song is “St Valentine’s Day Story”.

2 MVs have been unveiled.


E-Girls – Mr. Snowman

E-Girls - Mr. SnowmanE-Girls‘ new single Mr. Snowman will be released on November 26th.

It is the CM song for e-ma candy by UHA. The members of E-Girls appear in the TV commercial.

The MV, the CM video and the new profile picture of the Japanese female pop group have been unveiled.


Dream – Darling

Dream - DarlingDream‘s new single Darling (ダーリン) will be released on November 5.

This maxi single includes 4 songs by Flower. It is the first single of the Japanese pop girl group for almost one year and a half.

The MV has been unveiled.


E-Girls – Highschool Love

highschool-loveE-Girls‘ new single Highschool Love will be released on September 10.

It is the last part of the series of 3 singles released by E-Girls in 3 months.

The MV and its school uniform version have been unveiled.


E-Girls – Odoru Pompokolin

E-Girls - Odoru PompokolinE-Girls‘ new single Odoru Pompokolin (おどるポンポコリン) will be released on August 13.

It is the 2nd part of the series of 3 singles released by E-Girls in 3 months.

The music video has been unveiled.