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Iwasa Misaki – Sado no Onitaiko

Iwasa Misaki - Sado no OnitaikoIwasa Misaki unveils her new single Sado no Onitaiko (佐渡の鬼太鼓)

It is the 7th single from Wasamin and will be released on February 27th.

The short version of the MV has been posted very recently.

Akimoto Yasushi, producer of AKB48, of which Iwasa Misaki is a former member, participated in the production of the single.


Interview : Iwasa Misaki

Iwasa Misaki (岩佐美咲)Former member of AKB48, Iwasa Misaki pursues her solo career as an enka for a few years.

Wasamin was the guest of Japan Expo Sud 2017 in France in February.

We had the opportunity to meet Iwasa Misaki for an interview during the event.


Iwasa Misaki – Saba Kaidou

Iwasa Misaki - Saba KaidouIwasa Misaki begins the year 2017 with a new single entitiled Saba Kaidou (鯖街道).

It’s the 6th single of the former AKB48 member. It will be released on January 10.

The short version of the MV was posted last December.


Iwasa Misaki – Misaki Meguri ~Dai 1 Shou~

Iwasa Misaki - Misaki Meguri ~Dai 1 Shou~Iwasa Misaki unveiled her new album Misaki Meguri ~Dai 1 Shou~ (美咲めぐり~第1章~).

This is the first studio album of the ex-member of the AKB48. It will be released on November 30th.

It marks the beginning of Iwasa Misaki as enka singer.

It will contain new songs as well as the first singles of Iwasa Misaki released since 2012, such as : Mujin EkiMoshimo Watashi ga Sora ni SundeitaraTomo no Ura BojouHatsuzake and Gomen ne Tokyo.


Iwasa Misaki Live at Japan Expo 2016

Iwasa Misaki (岩佐美咲)Iwasa Misaki was present at Japan Expo 2016 this year to introduce enka and Japanese traditional pop music to foreign fans.

The former member of AKB48 held live performances and participated in several shows along with the band Hayabusa.

Watch the video and some photos of Iwasa Misaki’s live.


Iwasa Misaki at Japan Expo 2016

Iwasa Misaki (岩佐美咲) / AKB48Iwasa Misaki is going to participate in Japan Expo 2016 in France in July.

The enka singer, and former AKB48 member, will make foreign fans discover this popular music style from the Land of the Rising Sun on stage at Japan Expo.


Graduation of Iwasa Misaki from AKB48

Iwasa Misaki (岩佐美咲) / AKB48Iwasa Misaki announced her graduation from AKB48.

She wants to pursue her career as a enka singer.

Iwasa Misaki made this announcement during her 1st solo concert on January 30th at Asakusa Public Hall, Tokyo. This event was also celebrating her 21st birthday.


Iwasa Misaki – Tomo no Ura Bojou

Iwasa Misaki - Tomo no Ura BojouIwasa Misaki’s new single Tomo no Ura Bojou (鞆の浦慕情) will be released on January 8.

This is the 3rd solo single of Iwasa Misaki. She is a member of AKB48 Team B and a enka singer.

The coupling track is the enka version of AKB48’s hit song Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (恋するフォーチュンクッキー).


Iwasa Misaki – Request Covers

Iwasa Misaki - Request CoversIwasa Misaki (AKB48) will release her 1st solo album Request Covers (リクエスト・カバーズ) on November 6.

As its title suggests, this cover album contains enka songs performed by Iwasa Misaki.

The list of the 12 songs has been selected by the fans after a vote.

The limited edition includes a DVD with bonus footage.

Iwasa Misaki is a member of AKB48 Team B.


Iwasa Misaki – Moshimo Watashi ga Sora ni Sundeitara

AKB48’s Iwasa Misaki - Moshimo Watashi ga Sora ni SundeitaraIwasa Misaki’s 2nd single Moshimo Watashi ga Sora ni Sundeitara (もしも私が空に住んでいたら) will be released on January 9.

The single includes an enka version of AKB48’s Flying Get by Iwasa Misaki. It also contains covers of Ishikawa Sayuri’s Tsugaru Kaikyou Fuyugeshiki and Jonouchi Sanae’s Ajisai-bashi.

The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring music video, making-of, and another video.